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Better results, in less time.

At AustralTek, we have developed and implemented several tools that help controlling and improving your manufacturing process.

AustralTek Benefits


To solve your challenges, we have the most advanced and efficient technologies.


Our team is dedicated to solving your problems in an effective and committed manner.

New approach

Our own infrastructure and resources are taking new approaches to typical problems

 Get ready to make the next step with AustralTek.

Innovation, technology and better results for yout industrial processes.

Our Solutions

ATK Logotipos-23

A smart, simple and cost-effective system that senses the position and status of heavy equipment, such as ladles, in key areas of the plant. 

ATK Logotipos-22

MSS automatically detects production delays and allows you to determine the causes of downtime. 

ATK Logotipos Slabsense

Our sensors accurately monitor the slabs and plates as they glide along the rolling tables, conducting precise dimensional analysis.

ATK Logotipos Meltsense

Our industrial radar solution accurately measures steel levels in tundishes and other vessels. Provides precise readings for hot heel, ladle freeboard and tundish levels.

The perfect blend of talent and hard work

At AustralTek we are dedicated to helping you work smarter, not harder. Our solutions automatically collect and analyze key data, providing you with the insights you need to make decisions regarding process improvement.  

With our solutions you will be able to:

  • Reduce costs and downtime.
  • Web-based data entry and reports for a smooth deployment.
  • Monitor production with real data in real time.
  • Monitor failures and downtime.
  • Synchronization of automatic data.
  • Tracking energy source module.
  • Delays module.
  • Maintenance and use of equipment.

Your trustworthy ally in the metals industry.